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Amazon Prime Video is a paid subscription-based platform hence people without a subscription are not practiced to watch anything in savings account to this platform. Amazon Prime application is easy to do something to for every income of the eligible platforms hence you will not locate any hardship even if activating your device.

In, this article you will locate how to login at mytv code and how to arrival your device to watching Prime Videos content. If you sore every one goes adroitly during device activation later make a gain of into this article till the subside.

How to Use the Amazon Activation code?

Use the 6 digit mytv code displayed on your screen and register your compatible device with amazon prime account and enjoy watching unlimited movies and web shows.

Easy Steps to Create and Manage Profiles on

  • Launch the Amazon Video app on your phone.
  • Now tap on My Stuff at the bottom of your Amazon Video app screen.
  • Then tap on the profile name to open the drop-down menu.
  • Select Create profile to create a new profile or Manage profiles to edit or delete existing profiles.
  • Enter the name of your profile and tap on save.

Easy Steps to Setup Amazon user Profile on the Website:

  • Here is how to manage account:
  • Open the Amazon app on your device
  • Tap on "My Stuff" at the bottom of your amazon video app screen.
  • Go to home page and click on the "+" icon to create a new profile.
  • Then click on "Manage profiles" from the "Profile Picker" drop-down.
  • Now click "Edit profile" and select the profile icon you want to manage edit or remove.
  • Now you make changes to the profile and select "Save changes".

Why should activate Amazon prime on TV?

  • Choose the amazon application from the tv store.
  • Login to amazon my tv account .
  • On Screen you get a option to Activate Amazon from your computer.
  • Click on Activate button fro the devoce to get your activation code .
  • You will get amazon activation code on your TV Screen.
  • mytv code is combination of 6 alphabetic and numeric characters.
  • Here is a sample code : YH85GF
  • Now you have valid activation code for your device.
  • Go to on your computer device. Login Amazon account.
  • Activate Amazon Prime Subscription.
  • To activate your Amazon mytv subscription.
  • Enter Amazon Activation Code and click "Activate".
  • Within 25- 30 Seconds, your subscription will be activated in amazon account.